Spirulina has a high protein content. and is primarily constituted by a protein called C-Phycocyanin – a protein that tends to bunch together and is named after the dark blue-green of the algae and has incredibly good source of protein. A high protein content encourages weight loss, muscle tissue development and the recovery of damaged tissues after exercise , great food for the combating of oxidative stress. It is also beneficial for inflammation and maintenance of health. Helps increase the power and endurance of the muscles. The main benefits is prevention of fatigue and muscle recovery after exercise. Improves the health of the liver, especially in conditions where individuals suffer from conditions such as “fatty liver” – a condition where fat is deposited into the liver tissue. This condition negatively effects the performance and localized-health of the liver.
Improves the activity and effectiveness of some important cells in the immune system. Immune function is yet another incredible benefit from a food that is so easily added into the diet!

Features :

  • Neuroprotection for Brain Disorders & Memory Boosting Rich in Protein and has a high protein content.
  • Boosts energy and speeds up weight loss.
  • Reduces Cholesterol and lowers blood pressure
  • Increases Muscle Performance and Endurance.
  • Keeps lever healthy
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals from body
  • Improves Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis
  • Help With Blood Sugar Control
  • Effective Against Anemia


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